Welcome to the home page of Fused and Light, featuring fused glass work and paintings by Anne Bridgen. The name was chosen to reflect Anne's passion for glass fusing, as well as her love of colour and the importance of light in generating colour by reflection, refraction and transmission of light.

Glass fusing involves fusing pieces of glass at temperatures of around 800°C followed by slow cooling; this temperature can be varied in order to retain more texture in the glass. Anne uses high quality handrolled Bullseye glass. Metal or kiln-proof paper can be added between the glass layers for added effect. Her jewellery uses dichroic glass, which has been coated with multiple coatings of metal oxides that result in glass that appears bicoloured, as some wavelengths of light pass through the glass while others are reflected.

This is an online gallery. Anne also runs a gallery Chapel House Arts at 100 High Street, Kingussie, PH21 1HY which showcases both Anne's glass, a changing exhibtion scedule and good quality crafts in a range of other media.